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With the Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon launched the second generation of the in-house Email, Calendar and Contacts apps. The 2013 productivity apps included a new, simplified setup; email conversation view; VIP contacts and communications; and a host of new features.
We refined the visual design for 2013, in part, to meet 2013 accessibility standards. The new layouts translate more easily when localized.
The Email and Calendar design and development teams were in the same building and floor. We collaborated via formal bug tracking systems and informal hallway conversations. The design team provided detailed measurements (redlines) and cut assets for the development team.

Kindle Fire HDX

Design lead: Email, Calendar and Contacts

In 2013, I worked with the Research, Product Management, and Development teams to introduce email conversations and a simplified setup. We re-designed and re-wrote every screen in the productivity suite.

Email is the cornerstone of Amazon's tablet productivity applications. The app syncs with Pop3, IMAP and Exchange accounts. Users can view messages in a Combined Inbox, or in account-specific lists.
The calendar application syncs with all your calendars. The interface is optimized for quickly switching views and moving forward and back in time.
The global/device search experience emphasizes quick retrieval of the users' content-- whether on the device, or in the Amazon Cloud. We display federated search results arranged to reflect the search ingress point. For instance, music results appear at the top of the results list when the user searches from within the music app.

Kindle Fire HD

Design lead: Search, Email, Calendar and Contacts

In 2012, I worked as the solo-designer for Amazon’s first home-grown Email, Calendar and Contacts applications. In addition, I designed the global search experience and led an effort to standardize layouts and controls across Amazon applications.

Amazon's 2011 product line featured the lowest-cost e-reader on the market. To reduce the cost, and physical size, we removed the keyboard. I analyzed the top use cases to determine the optimum number of hardware buttons (four buttons, plus a 5-way controller).
The biggest challenge was replacing the physical keyboard with an on-screen "key picker". The interface was optimized for device registration; searching the store, and searching within a book.
in 2011, Amazon introduced the Special Offers program with the objective of reducing the device cost for consumers. I worked on the early design integration and am listed on the related patent filings. The program was an overwhelming success, and many users preferred ads to the "dead authors".

$79 Kindle

Design lead: $79 E-ink Kindle

In 2011, I designed the $79 Kindle--Amazon’s first E-ink kindle without a physical keyboard. I also led the design effort for subsidizing device costs with lock-screen advertising.

Ellerdale’s “Trends” site served as a working demo for the company’s real-time semantic analysis technology. The site displayed the most popular topics, and links from the Twitter Firehose feed.
Content for the “Trends” site reflected all of the ongoing Twitter conversations. The Ellerdale platform indexed Twitter messages to display overall trending topics with top articles and public sentiment. housed more than 5 million fopic pages, each with: Wikipedia definitions; message history graphs; articles; message timelines & maps; sentiment graphs; and charts of the topic’s influential tweeters.
TThe Academy Awards page organized Twitter conversations related to the ten Best Picture nominees. During the Oscar Ceremony, visitors could see which films were mentioned most, and follow the live "Best Picture" message stream.
The spaceship illustration sets the mood. Twitter links at the bottom of the page give visitors a place to find Ellerdale content.

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Coding

Ellerdale licensed the Twitter Firehose feed and built a dynamic site to showcase the company's ability to analyze high-volume data streams.

Dell Android Phone: Stage UI
People sequentially access different applications to check whether they need to respond to incoming messages or to see updates. We simplified the process of keeping up with communication streams.

Dell Android Phone

Interaction and Visual Design, Prototype, Spec.

I directed the concept design for Dell's Android phone experience branded “Stage UI”. The design solution was a response to our ethnographic research findings.

One, of several layout directions for the application.
On first launch, the graphic banner below the top navigation bar provides a ‘welcome’ message to establish context for the user experience. The ‘welcome’ banner is replaced by a widget that holds the user’s favorite shows.
Show matches are always displayed as a grid. Episodes and clips are always lists.
The show page displays a branding graphic, description, and list of episodes and clips. Users can add to "My Shows" from the show page.

Dell Video Portal: Devo

User Research, Prototype Testing, Interaction Design

I conceived and designed an application to collect disparate broadcast TV streams into a consistent user experience.

We color-matched the software experience to match the hardware.
A sample of some of the icons that we designed for the product.
Examples of the home screen, albums list, and a now-playing screen. We created a subtle background animation with the bubbles.

Dell Zing Mini Player

Research, Visual Design

The Dell Zing Mini Player was a small, mobile music player with wireless connectivity. I directed the visual design for the project.

We added Sirius channel logos to channel lists to help users quickly recognize list items. The logos also added some color to the experience.
The layout on the small screen accomodated band and song names of various lengths.
We added team logos to the live game screens and revised the "sports ticker".

Sirius Stiletto 2

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Spec.

While at ZING, I managed the interaction design for the Sirius Stiletto 2 project. I expanded the spec., which was used by the product, engineering, and QA teams. The Stiletto 2 has been Sirius’ premiere portable product for almost three years.

Openwave Midas

Openwave Midas Mobile Phone Prototype

Wireframes, Screenflows, Visual Design

I worked with a small group of engineers at Openwave to develop and demonstrate a new platform(MIDAS) for dynamic interfaces on mass-market mobile phones.

Rock Cards: trading cards

Product Conception, Visual Design, Prototypes

I worked with a friend to create a company that prints and distributes rock n’ roll trading cards. We presented prototypes to a variety of VC firms, but didn’t get funded. It was still a fun project, and the cards turned out great.

Starz OnDemand Interactive TV Prototype
The Music Video Jukebox combines the functionality of an MP3 player with the rich medium of video-on-demand. Viewers could create playlists and skip between their favorite music videos.

Music Video Jukebox

Product Concept, Visual Design, Prototypes, Video Editing

Signatures Network wanted to develop a new distribution channel for their music video vault. I conceived and designed the Music Video Jukebox to combine the functionality of an MP3 player with the rich medium of video-on-demand.

VH1: Interactive TV Prototype
Interactive TV experience built for low-end cable set-top boxes. We overlayed the starndard network I.D. graphic with an interactive bug. Viewers could access artist news, song lyrics, and navigate to a music store.

VH1: Interactive TV Prototype

Screen Flows, Visual Design, Prototypes, Video Editing

The VH1 project let viewers see synchronized lyrics with music videos, as well as trivia and artist news. The application was designed to work on low-end cable set-top boxes.